Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bachelor's Fridge: Bastardized Southern Style BBQ Ribs

Wow, it's been a long time.

I have probably 15 dishes I have wanted to post since last year that I haven't been able to because of the adjustments I've made to my move here to Dubai last December.

But man, this barbecue just deserved posting. Why? Because it's perfect for Bachelor's Fridge and Bastardo, two ideas I've wanted to expound on here.

First, I've been a true independent guy since I moved here, doing everything on my own around the house, so I have less time than I had back home, so I've really had to adjust my cooking, and this barbecue recipe, although far from the classic slow-cook, smoked original, is perfect people who have a lot of time over the weekend to prep stuff for quick cooking on weekdays.

Secondly, I have craved for and loved, true Southern-style barbecue since the first time I saw them in US food shows. So much so that I have watched all of the barbecue specials of my favorite food shows. But alas, in this crowded metropolis, there is no space to erect a smoker, and to have the smell of barbecuing pork waft around the neighborhood can spell serious trouble. The time factor also played in, as true southern barbecue is all about slow cooking. So again, I had to adjust.

But let me shut up and go to the meat of the matter:

Bastardized Southern Style BBQ Ribs


What you'll need:

Pork ribs, cut to desired length
Fish sauce
Whole peppercorns

For the sauce:
1 part vinegar
1/4 part chilli sauce (I used regular Tabasco)
1/2 part ketchup (I used Heinz)
1/4 part brown sugar
1/2 part ketsap manis (or regular soy sauce, just adjust the brown sugar)
1/4 part steak sauce (I used A1)
Paprika to taste
dash of cracked pepper, garlic powder and cumin
dash of liquid smoke (optional)
Sage, thyme, oregano
How to do it:
Boil (yes, I know, the blasphemy) the pork ribs with ginger, peppercorns and fish sauce 'til tender. 
Set aside and freeze ribs and use the boiling liquid for Sinigang (I used it for Molo soup).
Or... if you have time and confident in your measuring skills, add all ingredients together and boil til the sauce is thick and clings to the pork. That's much better, but as I said, I prepped the meat in the weekend froze and cooked it on after work two days after.
If you froze it, you really don't need to thaw it before prepping the sauce.
Put vinegar, tabasco, brown sugar and steak sauce into a pan, let simmer.
Add in frozen pork and when properly thawed, add all the remaining ingredients. 
Add water if needed.
Make sure to cook down the sauce 'til it clings to the meat and acts like a barbecue sauce and not like a thick soup.

Done. Or as is said here, khalas. Have it for dinner and pack some for tomorrow's lunch.

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